Rudy and the Roller Skate



Johnny Appleseed- Original by Dan Keding

Promises Kept, Promises Broken


In A Dead Man's Company Dark Spirits & Savage Truths


The Gypsy Wagon: Tales from the Neighborhood


The Boy Who Fell Between the Cracks - Personal Story by Dan Keding

Strawberries in Winter


Wisdom and Wayfaring


The Samurai and the Storyteller - Traditional Japanese

Now We Steer Our Course for Home - Traditional America

Nasrudin and Marriage - Traditional Middle East

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14 The Two Warriors.mp3

The Two Warriors- Original by Dan Keding

05 The Boy Who Fell Between the Crac.mp3

The Wolf’s Debt - Traditional Japanese

04 Track 04 1.mp3
08 Nasrudin And Marriage.mp3
15 Now We Steer Our Course For Home.mp3
16 The Samurai And The Storyteller.mp3